Custom Logo Pens: The Best Promotional Items?

Along with key chains and coffee mugs, ink pens are one of bedrock items of promotional product lineups around the world. Over the years, the promotional products industry has seen products come and go, because sometimes they weren’t used often enough; and others because they didn’t display a company’s logo and information well enough.

Marketing basically refers to any method of promoting a business and creating brand awareness. Through marketing, a company is able to create sales or turn prospect customers into loyal customers. While some companies resort to advertising their brand through print media or through radio and TV, this method is oftentimes very costly, which is why only a few are able to afford it. But smart marketers are aware that TV and radio advertisement is not the only possible way to attract customers. With the use of promotional products, such as Custom Logo Pen and Custom promotional Pen, companies can promote their brand at a very reasonable cost.

In evaluating a product’s effectiveness, it pays to do more than look at what other companies are doing. In particular, you should evaluate a product based on the four criteria that typically determine the success or failure of a promotional item: advertising space in terms of product scale, appeal usability, and longevity. Below, we evaluate custom logo pens using these four criteria.

Usability – No one needs to explain how usable writing instruments are. Next to computers, they’re one of the most used items in a business office. But do not force cheap models on your customers or potential clients because you know how frustrating it could be. Otherwise, the very least that would happen is that investment would be a waste.

Advertising Space – Bic pens technically have good advertising space in terms of product scale, but due to the standard pen’s narrow gauge, even the most color contrast company logo won’t exactly jump out. While most recipients of promo products study the products’ information at least once or twice, the idea is for your contact info and logo to be prominent enough that they regularly get noticed, and opting for a wider gauge pen can do that.

Longevity – Unless you opt for the refillable models, your pens will eventually run out of ink and be tossed into the recycling bin, which isn’t too bad considering that most models offer months of use and can be easily redistributed, thanks to their low price when ordered in bulk from a promotional items company.

Appeal – Writing instruments tend to be items of utility, unless you opt for those that offer a finer line, consummate ergonomic design, etc., a move that could definitely pay off. Some companies also opt for attention grabbing novelty models which accomplish the task of getting your info seen. But if you’re trying to impress a mature business audience, going with a pen that offers higher quality writing is probably the safest bet in terms of appeal.

Customized Bic logo pens can be used by everyone and everywhere. These pens reach every customer in need, which is way they have a proven track record of improving marketing goals for small businesses and large corporations alike.


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